Once upon a time...

there was a table on the Majella mountain
where the brigands stopped to rest. It was
not a table ready for a party, but a hard
stone slab, made out of Majella stone.

On Majella, impressive and rugged, with its caves, dense beech woods,
valleys and precipices, there are still important historical testimonies,
including the Tavola dei Briganti, a set of limestone slabs on which bandits
and shepherds have scratched their names and their stories.
It is located in Blockhaus, near what in 1863 was a military outpost rebuilt
by the Piedmontese on the foundations of an ancient Bourbon building as a
deterrent for the passage of bandits. During the night bandits were making
fun of the soldiers engraving their names and leaving anti-unification
messages few steps away from the fort. One of the most popular says:
Read my memory for the dear readers. In 1820 Vittorio Emanuele King of
Italy was born. Before it was the kingdom of flowers, now it is the kingdom
of misery.
The stories of the Majella brigands are living stories recalling a period
characterized by misery, poverty, which unwind along the entire Appennine
slope of the Mother Mountain.

Name and Origin of Grapes


color ROSE'

Montepulciano is a native vine of central Italy and in particular of the area between Marche and Abruzzo. There are several documents dating back to 1700 that testify it. Its native land seems to be Torre de ‘Passeri in the province of Pescara.

Tasting and Service

At sight it has an intense and brilliant cherry pink colour, characterized by fragrances of raspberries, pomegranate and balsamic tones. There is a clear flavor and tannic sensation. On the palate there is an impetuous flavor attack with fruity and floral notes, lively and fresh. It pairs perfectly with appetizers and fish soups, pasta first courses, delicate cheeses, roasts as long as they are light. This wine is also perfect with simple dishes such as pizza. Optimal temperature 12-14 °C

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