Once upon a time...

A realism painter from Abruzzo was enchanted by the sensuality of a woman escaping from the eager looks of indiscreet shepherds. Her face, half-covered by a grape colour shawl, was enlightened by particular moon shaped earrings.
Made of gold foil, halfmoon shaped with small rattles recalling the act of shaking laundry during washing, the sciacquajje passed from one generation to another, from a mother-in-law to a daughter-in-law during wedding occasions. These showy earrings used to be common in the second half of the nineteenth century in the province of Chieti and they represent probably the creative work of the goldsmith master Francesco Bartoletti (1855-1933). The halfmoon shape refers to the changes of the moon and gave the jewel the ability to influence, in the collective imagination, human actions, health and fertility. Infact they were daily worn also by peasant women to ward off spells. The most elaborated ones were purchased by artists like Cascella and Michetti to adorn models for their paintings. They were convinced supporters of the renewal of painting in favour of the “truth”, they preferred women of ancient and rural Abruzzo to the holy themes, as it is in the case of the famous painting La figlia di Iorio taken from the homonymous tragedy of Gabriele D’Annunzio.

PINOT GRIGIO Terre di Chieti IGP

color: COPPERY

Pinot Grey minimum 85%
Pinot Grigio can boast an important parent: it is in fact a bud mutation of Pinot Noir. Its origins can be traced back in Germany and France. Its characteristic grey color, tending to pink, originates copper colored wines. In Italy it seems to have been imported by General Sambuy of Burgundy in its vineyards in the province of Como, and then spread slowly in the three Venezie and Lombardy regions. Only in the last decades reached other Italian wine regions.
In the cellar
Light contact between skins and must (4-6 hours) followed by “white vinification” technique. The fermentation is spontaneous and carried out by indigenous yeasts that, unlike commercial ones, are influenced by the vintage and the quality of the grapes. In traditional wine making technology, the copper / rosé color is removed by modern techniques and products which are not allowed in biodynamic. This is the reason why our Pinot Grigio has a natural copper/rosé color depending on the vintage. The soils are of medium mixture tending to calcareous and have retained their natural fertility thanks to the poor exploitation of the soil by man. Municipality of Pretoro 602 m a.s.l. The vineyards are located in the agricultural landscape of the Majella Park where the millennial presence of men has preserved of an agricultural biodiversity elsewhere disappeared.
Tasting and Service
At sight it has a copper color, characterized by intense olfactory notes, floral and fruity bouquet with yellow pulp. On the palate it is fresh, intense and tasty. It pairs optimally with cod, white meats and delicate first courses. Optimal temperature 9-11°C
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