Once upon a time...

in a farm, a resting place for pilgrims and transhumants, there was Gennarino the shepherd. His arrival was always anticipated by a cloud of dust. First the bells were heard, then the bleating of the sheep. The land holder’s wife prepared him a sheltered bed for the night and the day after, in return, the shepherd always left some wool, milk or cheese to thank for the hospitality. The last time he also left his cape, and it is still preserved in case he decides to come back again.
The flocks of sheep and their shepherd stopped at the Fara farm searching for fresh water and a sheltered bed for the night. While the Abruzzese shepherd dogs were doing their job as shepherds, the transhumant addressed a prayer to St. Anthony in order to protect his flock from the dangerous wolf that was wandering around the fields. The farm was located on the Centurelle Montesecco track which was 155 Km long and the fourth for length among the five Tratturi (tracks) Regi. The path that runs in the province of L’Aquila is still well preserved with its owns cultural, historical and landscape treasures. It crosses the precious production area of Navelli’s DOP saffron, and then spills over the provinces of Pescara and Chieti where it reaches the FABULAS vineyards where different memories are kept.

Name and Origin of Grapes

PECORINO Terre di Chieti IGP

color WHITE

Vine of uncertain origins, whose grape are considered delicious by the sheep, from which perhaps the name originates. It was particularly widespread throughout the Abruzzo region before the appereance of phylloxera. It was gradually abandoned to make room for more productive varieties such as Trebbiano.

Tasting and Service

At sight it has a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections, characterized by pleasant olfactory notes such as the smell of elderberry, ripe fruit with hints of pear. The taste has an acidic streak which balances perfectly with the flavor, allowing structure and softness. It pairs optimally with raw fish, cured meats, risottos and medium-aged cheeses. Optimal temperature 9-11 °C
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