Once upon a time...

There was a community ready to fight the French invaders, while the noise of the hooves that marked the advance was causing more and more fear among the villagers, as they heard them coming closer. It was one evening in 1799, one of those nights in which only the miracle of a saint could save Abruzzo villages sheltered along the valley of the river Foro.
The story tells that in that evening, in Contrada Colle Selva, in Fara Filiorum Petri, a small town down the slopes of the Majella, an aged gentleman appeared in front of the French troops. The horses refused to continue marching and kneeled down. The French General gave an order: “let’s move Behind the cavalry and put in front the infantry” and in that moment the old man took the form of St. Anthony transforming the great oaks of the forest of Selva in columns of fire in defense of Fara, forcing the soldiers to escape. Every year, after Christmas, the people from every contrada of Fara Filiorum Petri stop their activities for a week in order to prepare their farchia. It is one of those holidays that expresses “belonging” to one’s own land, own saint and own people where you can see the most simple, genuine and enthusiast Abruzzo.

Name and Origin of Grapes


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Montepulciano is a native vine of central Italy and in particular of the area between Marche and Abruzzo. There are several documents dating back to 1700 that testify it. Its native land seems to be Torre de ‘Passeri in the province of Pescara.

Tasting and Service

At sight it appears intense ruby red with slight violet reflections, tending towards garnet with aging, characterized by intense, ethereal olfactory notes such as the scent of red fruits and spices. The flavor is full, dry, harmonious and, rightly, tannic. It pairs optimally with red meats in general, boiled, braised meats, roasts, noble poultry and mature cheeses. Optimal temperature 16-18 °C
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