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Once upon a time… there was Nicola in Buenos Aires, an emigrant originally from Fara Filiorum Petri. He was an “asador de la calle”. Head down on the grill, white hair, large hands, he was chatting with every person approaching his bin, even if only for a greeting. However, when a fellow citizen approached him and in Fara dialect asked him “is the meat good?” the asador replied with eyes full of tears“ Do they still celebrate Farchie in my home town?“.
Asado de la calle, in Argentina is like tango, a God. It is cooked in the street with a simple petrol can cut in half, a parrilla, charcoal and meat. Towards the end of the nineteenth century many Abruzzese emigrated to Argentina, attracted from the state project of agricultural colonization and encouraged by the payment of travel expenses and all expenses for set up in lot of land which, in reality, were sub-leased by private colonization companies. Driven by poverty, many people from Abruzzo left their country without turning back, but the abandonment of the land was often added to the drama of an unrealized dream.

Name and Origin of Grapes


color RED

Sangiovese and Primitivo minimum 20% – Sangiovese grape probably has Etruscan origins: it seems to come from
the area north of the Tevere river and south of Arno river, it then spread beyond the Appenino, up to the Romagna and
Emilia hills. Sangiovese considerably changes its expressive characteristics as the climates and the altitude to which it
is cultivated vary. Primitivo, on the other hand, seems to have Dalmatian origins. It is widespread throughout southern
Italy and especially in Puglia, in the area of Manduria. Its name originates from the precocious ripening of the grapes.

Tasting and Service

At sight it has a lively ruby red color, characterized by olfactory notes of plums, carobs and cherries. On the palate it is intense, tannic, with a finish of red fruit jam. It pairs perfectly with cured meats, first courses with tomato sauces and red meats. Optimal temperature 14-16 °C
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