Our wines and our labels represent a journey through history, traditions and values, stories set in Abruzzo and in particular, in our production area, the National Park of Majella, where 7 women warriors called Majellane stayed. Each bottle is a portray of one of the 7 F and illustrates all the magic of this territory, from the legend of the goddess Maja to the traditional popular songs, from bandits, transhumance to immigration, from “sciacquajje” – traditional golden earrings – to the “farchie” – traditional bundle of cane – of Fara Filiorum Petri.

Le nostre Certificazioni

The vineyards of the FABULAS winery are located in the municipality of Pretoro (602 m above sea level) in the Majella National Park, where you can really feel the influence of the mountain massif that gives its name to the park, even if just 35 km away we find the Adriatic Sea. The climate is, therefore, characterized by strong temperature changes between night and day and this contributes to increasing the general quality of the grapes: increase in sugar content, reduction of acid degradation, better phenolic composition of the grapes and increase in their aromatic characteristics.
We have recently received the BIODIVERSITY FRIEND certification which evaluates the impact of agricultural practices on the territory: we manage our vineyards according to the DEMETER agronomic standards, which aim to combine the continuous improvement of the quality of the grapes with the protection of the environment, the fertility of the land and the health of workers.

Yeasts in nature are found almost everywhere, even on flowers and fruit in general. Those that ferment the musts reach the grape skin via natural vectors such as insects, wind and rain. We produce wines by working on the selection of indigenous yeasts directly from the vineyard ecosystem integrated with the biodiversity of our territory. We introduce yeasts selected from the pollen of the local flora into our cellar, especially from Chamomile and Sulla, ensuring that they influence the spontaneous fermentations. Yeast plays an important role as it does not limit itself to producing ethyl alcohol and CO2, but enriches the wine with secondary products, an expression of the territory itself.
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